I’ve been eating the same as always and I’ve been losing weight!


Getting back in the game.

Okay, I guess I have been taking a graphic design break for long enough. After three years of school and some lackluster experiences, I needed a break. I’ve been working my day job and watching a lot of Food Network. I have some projects in the works and I have procrastinated long enough. The first project is for my sister. She is an artist who is building an online presence and looking to sell some of her art and jewelry. Today I designed some badges for her web page. They will serve as links to her social networking pages. She is The Elephant Trunk, hence all the elephant illustrations. :) And YES I am looking for comments!


Halloween Kitten!


Halloween Kitten!

Hi Everyone! I just finished my portfolio website! Please check it out. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Here is some beginning logo development for mine and Melissa’s capstone client. This is going to be a logo used by a naturopathic medical clinic. Feed back please!!!

Here is some beginning logo development for mine and Melissa’s capstone client. This is going to be a logo used by a naturopathic medical clinic. Feed back please!!!

My Wide Net Part 2

Here are the rest of what I am considering. Nothing would make me happier that leaving me some input. :)

My Wide Net….

It is time for me to get my portfolio together. I will be posting the projects that i am considering for inclusion in my portfolio. Please leave and suggestions and tips. I will be refining projects before everything is all finalized.

awarningmark said: I love the rendering you did to make it look like the pieces are in a magazine! Very very cool :] Your seventeen popup ad looks completely legit, too. The only thing I'd change is just going with one for the bus stop ad, but I know how Brandon can be so he's probably pushing for both there. Oh well. It all looks really good. I hope he likes them!

The rendering took me way too long and way too many photoshop layers. The pay off is nice though.

Advertising Design Final

This is a fake campaign to draw awareness to the issue of cyber bullying. It includes a magazine ad, a newsprint ad, an internet pop up ad and a bus stop ad. Feedback is welcome!

I need to focus!

Wow. I have never had so much to do. Between school, work and getting everything else I feel like I have absolutely no time. My homework just keeps piling up with no end in sight. I need to do a couple of final revisions to my Rub with Love labels and design a creative gift package for a set of four of the rubs. This is so hard. Nothing I have thought of has nearly enough “wow” factor for my teacher. Grrr. It’s not like designing a box and making a mock up is hard enough… he wants it to be special. *rolls eyes* 

If that wasn’t bad enough I need to figure out how to finish my texting and driving magazine ads and billboards and have them printed, mounted and ready to present on Wednesday. I absolutely hate this assignment and haven’t posted any of it here on tumblr since it all sucks so hard. I was hoping to take a low C or a D and just move on, but no my teacher won’t except anything but the best.

I am taking a third class too. We have to have our portfolio website up and running in 2 weeks and I am no where near where I need to be. But really what am I doing now… just wasting time!

I have to work for the next couple of days and really don’t have the time to be ranting on tumblr, but too late time already wasted!

Have a good one everyone!